“Spicy dish…a smorgasbord of snoop…” Publisher’s Weekly

Romance, scandal and murder can really work up an appetite. Dishing Hollywood serves up the real scoop on 43 scandals with a recipe connected to each one: last suppers, first dates, favorite dishes – stories with some real meat to them. Lives tragically cut short, unsolved mysteries, dramatic suicides, steamy affairs -- the town’s full of tales like that. The town is also full of people who pay big dough to make sure certain details of those stories never reach the light of day. But they always surface eventually…if you know where to look. Hollywood’s bright lights sometime hide the darkness…in the corners, around the edges. A lot of people end up there. When it happens to a celebrity, it’s front-page news. For some, reading about it just isn’t enough. They want to taste it – literally. Since making the news as the restaurant where Robert Blake’s wife ate before she was shot to death, business at Vitello’s increased 25%. When reporters retraced the last hours of Nicole Brown Simpson’s life, including where she ate supper, curious citizens descended on Mezzaluna restaurant like a plague of locusts, copping matches and menus and all ordering her last meal. Mezzaluna folded under all the attention. Vitello’s -- they named a dish after Blake. Get it while it’s hot! Gary Cooper, Polanski, River Phoenix, Dorothy Kilgallen, Inger Stevens, Joan Crawford, Divine, Diane Linkletter, George Reeves, the Black Dahlia, Bing Crosby, Cass Elliott, Errol Flynn, Frank Sinatra and more.