Winter 20, 2020

Here we are at the end of a year no will be sad to see end. I got the virus, but was so lucky to have a mild case -- #37 in Sonoma County -- last March back in the dark ages of the virus. I was able to stay home to recover and have no lingering aftereffects. I count my blessings every day.
Those blessings include our home, saved by firefighters when flames were within 200 yards of us, embers flying. This is the third year in a row we’ve had to pack up and run. Each time, I take fewer things. As I get older, that which is essential becomes more clear. But luck and brave first responders were with us. So grateful to return to our home.

With little travel and no appearances, I have been working on proposals for new books. One is about women and cars…can’t say any more than that.
Also finishing a very lengthy proposal for Top of the Mountain – The Beatles at Shea Stadium 1965. This one has been a long time coming. And I have to say I love it…
And my husband, Jon Provost and I are working on his next book…and I think this one will be a surprise to most people. I’ll keep it there till next year…
And next year is so close…hold steady. We’ll make it.
I hope your holidays are as good as they can be in these Covid times.
Stay positive. Test negative. I’ll see you on the other side.




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