Jan/Feb 2023

Happy New Year!
Hope you enjoyed the holiday season. Mine ended with a bang!  I appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show and on Christmas Eve, my latest book, TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN – THE BEATLES AT SHEA STADIUM 1965 shot to #1 in the Beatles category on Amazon; and has stayed in the top 20 since then!

I have been on dozens of Beatle podcasts and radio shows over the last several months and they have all been a ton of fun. There are no nicer people than Beatle People. And I am looking forward to attending the Beatlefest in New Jersey March 31-April 2 where I will meet a number of fans who were actually at Shea for that historic event and who shared their stories with me for my book. The Fest is so fab! If you’ve never been to one, you MUST go.  Pattie Boyd, Olivia Harrison, Peter Asher and more will be there!

I’ll have more appearances this year…check here and on my Facebook page to see if I’ll be in a city near you. Of course, you can always get books directly from me, signed, sealed and delivered.

In the fall and winter, I worked with Jon updating his autobiography, TIMMY’S IN THE WELL. We are happy to announce that it is now available again both in paperback and on Kindle. The update takes you right up through December 2022. And the nearly 400 photos throughout the book are much larger now. I love this book and am so happy to have it out there again.

By spring, I will be publishing HOLLYWOOD HAUNTED – THE AUTHOR’S CUT. This wonderful book has always been my most popular. It was ahead of the curve back when it first came out in 1994.  It was the reigning book on the subject for 19 years until my publisher retired it. It’s been out of print for over nine years, but I could not get the rights back…until now.  I was anxious to make it available again, but I wanted to do something new with it.  I went through my old files and found a number of chapters cut from the original for no other reason than to keep costs down. I say, “Costs be damned!” I am polishing those never-before seen chapters and putting them back in. And two more chapters in the hardback were eliminated for the paperback…back they go with more amazing photos from Marc Wanamaker’s world-class collection! So, this will be a version you haven’t seen – the Author’s Cut!

Thanks to all of you who have written to make sure Jon and I are OK in all the rain. We are wet, but safe. We so appreciate your love and concern. Stay tuned to this network!!

Peace, love and yeah, yeah, yeah,





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