Spring, 2022

At last, the weather is turning warmer – at least here in Northern California. And slowly masks are coming off in some places. We emerge from our homes and rejoin friends and family. Shows and comic cons are slowly coming back.

Something wonderful happened for me during 2021: I sold a book I have worked on for years. And though it is about entertainment history, it is not about Hollywood…my first tome to veer off that subject. I am so thrilled to tell you I have written a book about The Beatles – specifically about their concert at Shea Stadium in 1965, the first rock and roll concert in a baseball stadium. That night changed the world. No one could see them or hear them. Technology failed that night and scrambled to get ready for a future they now saw coming. Madison Avenue realized kids were buying more than pimple cream. And never before had 56,000 rock music fans gathered in one spot before. Talk about power in numbers! Anyway, this incredible night happened because of the dream of one man. It could never happen that way again…an amazing story told through all kinds of eyewitnesses including Meryl Streep, Felix Cavaliere, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Van Zandt, Bobby Vinton, John Sebastian, Ronnie Spector and many more. I am very excited about it. Right now, the release date is mid-July. Printers are currently battling a paper shortage, so it may be pushed back to August. You can pre-order and/or keep up with it on Amazon.  If it comes out on time, you can find me signing it at the Chicago Beatlefest August 12-14, 2022.

I am also happy to announce that later this year, ALL of my books will be back in print: Hollywood Heartbreak, Hollywood Haunted, and Timmy’s in the Well have been out of print far too long. They will be back by summertime and all I can say is it’s about bloody time!!
TV Dinners
and Dishing Hollywood have never left us and are readily available wherever
books are sold.

That’s my big news. All else is good. Jon and I are healthy and happy. We celebrated 26 years together in January (23 married). The kids are great. The grandkids are heaven. We feel so
damn lucky.

More soon!

I stand with Ukraine,



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