Valentine’s Day, 2016

Hi All,

2016 is off and running and I already see spring at the end of the tunnel.
What’s on my desk? Finishing a book on the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium which has been a great adventure. Working with my friend Michael Becker on a book. We met in ’81 working at the Comedy Store. I left after a year while Michael endured a 15-year stretch as assistant to owner Mitzi Shore. It’s even worse…and funnier than I expected. There’s more, but I’ll save that for my next update.

It’s a big year for travel. In early June, I’ll be at the Memphis Film Festival. I’ve booked a number of celebrities there. Jon* and I are taking an extra day or two to see some of Memphis with Stan and Barry Livingston and their wives. I’m really looking forward to it. I am working on a project with Elvis’s first-born child – and it’s not Lisa Marie; so a visit to Graceland is just what’s in order. http://www.thememphisfilmfestival.com/

Then in late June, I’ll be at a comic con in Stuttgart, Germany with Jon with a stop in Berlin and a visit with old friends in Amsterdam. http://www.comiccon.de/en/

And finally, at the end of August, we are hosting an intimate group on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas to Alaska. I’ll be talking Hollywood scandal and mystery and ghosts. Jon will share stories of his career, his years on “Lassie” and his work today. Both of us will show rare film clips…and we have more surprises up our sleeves. If you’re interested in coming with us, there’s still room!

www.connectiontocruise.com - request@connectiontocruise.com (888) 798-9133 X 301

Then in October, we’ll be at Chiller in New Jersey! Haven’t been for years, so this will be special!

Hope I see you or hear from you! And visit me on Facebook or Twitter!

Sending love,

* Husband, Jon Provost aka Timmy from “Lassie”

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