September/October 2022

Here comes the sun…it’s autumn – despite the excessive heat.

I’ve been busy doing a myriad of interviews and podcasts for Top of the Mountain. The Chicago Beatlefest was fab; and I plan to attend the one in New Jersey March 31-April 2. There is no question: Beatle People are as nice as they come. I look forward to meeting more of them as well as some people I interviewed for my book. Now that will be awesome to ‘come together.’ I always announce my appearances and podcasts on my Facebook page  And I post links to them there, on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jon and I are currently updating his autobio: Timmy’s in the Well and will have it out for late fall. I have also regained the rights to my first two books, Hollywood Haunted and Hollywood Heartbreak, both of which have been out of print for some time. I am happy to say those too will soon be back in print. Everything old is new again. I’m excited about it all.

I’ll be in Boston at the High Lifestyle Show and Burbank at the Hollywood Show in October and at the Gallatin Comic Con outside of Nashville in November at a big Leave It to Beaver reunion: The Beav himself, Jerry Mathers, with several of the old gang including Veronica “Violet Rutherford” Cartwright and more. PLUS Jay North from Dennis the Menace and Jon Provost of Lassie! It a Golden Age of TV extravaganza.
I’ll be signing Top of the Mountain and TV Dinners, which, by the way, Jon, Jay, Jerry and Veronica are all in as well as the late, great Tony Dow. On Sunday night, after the show, there will be a Q&A in a theater with the gang which I will moderate. I am creating a montage of clips for it as we speak!

So, as you can see, I’m a bit overwhelmed this month.  When all that’s done, I can turn back to the future…and my next book!

More on that soon!

Peace and love and yeah, yeah, yeah!




August 2022

This is the month I’ve been waiting for: the 57th anniversary of The Beatles’ Shea Stadium concert and the release of my new book: TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN: THE BEATLES AT SHEA STADIUM 1965. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime story told through dozens of interviews and hundreds of never-before-seen photos. I worked on this for close to seven years and my publishers did me proud. It’s a beautiful hardback. I am “world premiering” it at the Chicago Beatlefest August 12-14. I am so excited to be attending. Come see me there, get a signed copy and attend my panel.

Too far? I’ll also have my book at the Hollywood Show in Burbank October 21 and 22, signing right next to my fab husband, JON PROVOST.
Still too far? You can get a signed copy directly from me! Just PM me and I’ll tell you how. And I’ll be doing lots of interviews and podcasts. Always check my Facebook page for announcements.
Peace and love and yeah, yeah, yeah!



Spring, 2022

At last, the weather is turning warmer – at least here in Northern California. And slowly masks are coming off in some places. We emerge from our homes and rejoin friends and family. Shows and comic cons are slowly coming back.

Something wonderful happened for me during 2021: I sold a book I have worked on for years. And though it is about entertainment history, it is not about Hollywood…my first tome to veer off that subject. I am so thrilled to tell you I have written a book about The Beatles – specifically about their concert at Shea Stadium in 1965, the first rock and roll concert in a baseball stadium. That night changed the world. No one could see them or hear them. Technology failed that night and scrambled to get ready for a future they now saw coming. Madison Avenue realized kids were buying more than pimple cream. And never before had 56,000 rock music fans gathered in one spot before. Talk about power in numbers! Anyway, this incredible night happened because of the dream of one man. It could never happen that way again…an amazing story told through all kinds of eyewitnesses including Meryl Streep, Felix Cavaliere, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Van Zandt, Bobby Vinton, John Sebastian, Ronnie Spector and many more. I am very excited about it. Right now, the release date is mid-July. Printers are currently battling a paper shortage, so it may be pushed back to August. You can pre-order and/or keep up with it on Amazon.  If it comes out on time, you can find me signing it at the Chicago Beatlefest August 12-14, 2022.

I am also happy to announce that later this year, ALL of my books will be back in print: Hollywood Heartbreak, Hollywood Haunted, and Timmy’s in the Well have been out of print far too long. They will be back by summertime and all I can say is it’s about bloody time!!
TV Dinners
and Dishing Hollywood have never left us and are readily available wherever
books are sold.

That’s my big news. All else is good. Jon and I are healthy and happy. We celebrated 26 years together in January (23 married). The kids are great. The grandkids are heaven. We feel so
damn lucky.

More soon!

I stand with Ukraine,



December 31, 2020

Here we are at the end of a year no will be sad to see end. I got the virus, but was so lucky to have a mild case -- #37 in Sonoma County -- last March back in the dark ages of the virus. I was able to stay home to recover and have no lingering aftereffects. I count my blessings every day.
Those blessings include our home, saved by firefighters when flames were within 200 yards of us, embers flying. This is the third year in a row we’ve had to pack up and run. Each time, I take fewer things. As I get older, that which is essential becomes more clear. But luck and brave first responders were with us. So grateful to return to our home.

With little travel and no appearances, I have been working on proposals for new books. One is about women and cars…can’t say any more than that.
Also finishing a very lengthy proposal for Top of the Mountain – The Beatles at Shea Stadium 1965. This one has been a long time coming. And I have to say I love it…
And my husband, Jon Provost and I are working on his next book…and I think this one will be a surprise to most people. I’ll keep it there till next year…
And next year is so close…hold steady. We’ll make it.
I hope your holidays are as good as they can be in these Covid times.
Stay positive. Test negative. I’ll see you on the other side.





March 20, 2020

Hello, my dears,

These are surreal times in which we are living. Here in Sonoma County, we are sheltering in place until early April…at least. I pray you will all stay safe out there.

Meanwhile, this is a great time to cozy up with a good book – and I’ve got just the thing! My latest book gets released this very week: TV DINNERS: 40 Classic TV Kid Stars Dish Up Favorite Recipes with a Side of Memories.

TV Dinners combines America’s nostalgia for Classic TV with its love of good food by sharing recollections and favorite dishes from 40 of the most popular kid stars of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. As American as apple pie, it captures all the fun and warmth of the era while giving insight into what it was like to be a working kid during TV’s Golden Age. From the Mouseketeers to the Brady Bunch, the stories are funny, charming, poignant, and often revealing.
This first generation of kid stars appeared weekly in our living rooms when just three channels ruled the airwaves. Their fame was unprecedented, and their characters iconic. These early shows and the kids who took part in them are firmly embedded in our popular culture, cherished by millions who continue to celebrate them to this day. When not on set, these kids knew all the best places to hang out! From drive-ins and ice cream joints to family recipes, we can delight in their memories of simpler times. These kid stars share their favorite recipes from their heyday and today, including a heaping helping of rare photos, and detailed biographies. We didn’t just watch these kids grow up; we grew up with them. They were our childhood friends, and this book is a reunion.

WHY NOW IS THE TIME FOR THIS BOOK: We are facing an unprecedented loss of American morale. Even the most optimistic among us are singing the “everything’s closed, no toilet paper blues.” Our 74.1 million baby boomers want to be lulled back into the pleasant state of security we felt during the idyllic days of Donna Reed, The Beav and Lassie. It’s sure to warm the insides of anyone who remembers when America believed in the value of harmless escapism.
Click on the book’s Description Link to read more about it; and to get to an excerpt. And, of course, you may click on the Purchase Link to order. Or click right here:

I added another / to follow my name. You know what I mean: writer/producer/actor/lecturer and now director. Toward the end of last year, I was invited to direct an episode of Creature Features, a Saturday night TV show featuring celebrity guests and a campy horror movie with a quirky host (think Elvira), in this case, a retired British rocker named Vincent. It’s seen locally in half of California and world-wide on youtube. The guest that evening was Eliza Roberts, actress/casting person/wife of Eric. She is endlessly interesting and made my job so easy. I loved it and hope they ask me to do it again soon. I recently guested on the show myself for the second time. View the episode here:
On a personal side, I had a grandson in November. He is delicious…and now I have a complete set. It’s heaven. Earlier this month we celebrated my husband’s (gulp) 70th birthday. (Clearly, I am his “trophy” wife!) Hope to do lots of interviews and podcasts from home for TV Dinners.
Please stay home and stay safe, my friends.




January, 2014

This year has started with a shot and I am off and running! It’s been go-go-go from the start.

I am working on a wonderful project about The Beatles…will disclose details soon. I don’t have to
tell you that the subject matter is a complete delight…loved them most of my life, but never dreamed I’d have an opportunity to write about them in quite this way.

I am also polishing a couple of ideas for TV series to pitch in the early spring…and have started to
plot out a stage show I want to write. I am on fire right now! After being creatively “repressed” for awhile, I am coming back into my own with a gusto. Let’s see how far it takes me.

And I’m doing some traveling…Jon Provost and I will be at Galaxyfest in Colorado Springs
February 21-23rd and a Pop Culture Expo in Watertown, MA over Memorial Day weekend.
And I’ll be back in St. Louis for my mom’s 85th in March. All that happened this week. Wonder what next week has in store.

Stay tuned.




February, 2011

Seems I was just preparing for the millennium and it’s 2011 already.

So – let’s catch up. Jon and I wrote his autobiography, TIMMY’S IN THE WELL in 2008. It came out in paperback in October with an additional chapter. Jon is signing it all over the country this year at dog shows and pet expos where he is introducing people to our new line of all natural pet products.

The Vintage Dog uses no chemicals, all organic. It’s packaged in recyclable or biodegradable material and all made in the USA. Jon’s picture is on every label. In more than 50 years since he began on “Lassie”, he has never endorsed a pet product; so it’s a big deal. We use the products on our own dog and cat and love them. Jon is really excited to hit the road and tell people about it. Next stop, the Collie National in Tulsa in April. Jon’s like the pope there. I just might be there, too. Stay tuned. Anyway, please check us out at:

I have spent the last year writing a pilot for a TV series and developing the first season. I have never done anything like it, really enjoyed the process. Hope I will have the opportunity to get really good at it. Feels like I really could. I’ll let you know.

Good coming up for air. I’m working on two book proposals and clearing my desk of long-overdue work…all good for my head.

Laurie !


OK! I’m back! 2008 was all about travel. Seriously, I got home December 30th.
I’ve bonded with the fabulous dog we adopted in December; spring is trying to arrive; and, I am finally caught up with life. It feels great.

On the ghost front, I had some great experiences in 2008. The town of Eureka Springs, AR is so cool – and is home to the Crescent Hotel, purported to be the most haunted in the country. The spirits seems to love the hustle and bustle of the place. Our daytime walk through was so intense for me – the pressure from the presence of so many almost flattened me.

And for those familiar with my book, Hollywood Haunted, I’m excited to tell you I got to go into the Hollymont House – one of the most mysterious and active sites I ever wrote about. Thirty years after the original investigation, the lady we call Regina is still there. She greeted me excitedly and responded to some tests I set up for her. But making that chandelier oscillate over my head – that little trick was all her idea!

The investigation of the house near the former Sharon Tate death site is amazing...never seen anything like it. I was overwhelmed with the presence of spirits from the moment I got out of my car on the street...all up and down the entire street. Various neighbors have seen Sharon, Abigail and Jay, heard disembodied voices, and seen orange orbs. We can't get a compass to point true north in there; it can be anywhere from 18 to 180 degrees off and, in one particular spot, it spins around like a roulette wheel. What exactly does that mean?
There’s a vortex of energy that is stronger than the magnetic pull of the earth. It was pretty far out.

I even got into the late George Reeves house! It answered a multitude of questions about Superman’s mysterious death…but I’ll talk about that next time.

I’m working on several things. One book tells tales about the last 30 years of Lucy’s life A.D. – After Desi – as told by her dearest friend, the colorful Paula Stewart. Colorful? The woman’s a freakin’ rainbow. I’m also working on a documentary and book simultaneously. Can’t tell you too much about it, but I’m going to get a chance to talk to some amazing people and tell some outrageous stories – decades of them and all in the same place. And lastly, I’m developing a TV series and a psychic told me that was the one to bet the farm on. My cup runneth over. And I’m still writing for FIDO FRIENDLY Magazine while keeping up with my blog here, my MySpace page, Facebook page, twitter, LinkedIn and a few for which I’ve forgotten the passwords. Thanks for hanging in there, boys and girls, ladies and gents. The best is yet to come!

Laurie Jacobson
Santa Rosa, CA
March 18, 2009

My latest book: Timmy's in the Well will be available in December.

The only time you will hear me use "divorce" and "my husband" in the same sentence is when I tell you that it was easy to divorce myself from the fact that my subject is also my husband. Sure, at the beginning, I felt extra pressure. I mean, this wasn't just any book; it's my husband's one-and-only memoir. And then there's the fact that it marks the 50th anniversary of his debut as Timmy Martin, one of classic television's most iconic characters. O.K., alright, I admit it. I was intimidated. If I screwed this up, it would be bad on so many levels.

All my concerns dissipated when I began hearing the stories. Ultimately, I am a fan of Hollywood, always have been. I've been researching and writing about it for close to thirty years - more if you count all those hours glued to "The Late, Late Show". But as much as I've learned, as many times as I have peeked "behind the veil," I was surprised by so many things in Jon's professional life. And I was astonished by things in his private life. While Jon portrayed part of an idyllic television family, his relationship with his own family was deeply affected as a result of his skyrocketing career. Did you know the suicide rate amongst the siblings of child stars is far higher than among "normal" siblings? Neither did I. That's the tip of the iceberg. For anyone considering putting a child in show business, there's plenty to learn.

The late '50s - early '60s is such a fascinating period, not only in Hollywood, but in our country: the collapse of the studio system, the burgeoning industry of television, the civil rights movement, JFK, rock and roll, Vietnam, the sexual revolution and the Sunset Strip. Peppered with names like: Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, Jane Wyman, Anita Ekberg, William Holden, Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley, Natalie Wood, Kurt Russell, Sal Mineo, Davy Jones, David Cassidy, Jay North and many more, Jon's path from toddler to television to teen idol is a pioneer's trek across some amazing territory. And in the fashion of that time, it has a Hollywood ending: He and his family find their personal happiness and their way back to one another. And Jon and I ride off together into the sunset.

Laurie Jacobson
Santa Rosa, CA
October, 2007


Hi Friends and lovers of Hollywood,
Maybe I should make that old Hollywood; that’s what I love. Gable, Harlow, Valentino, Clara Bow…don’t get me started; it’s a long list. These are the people and the times that drew me there. I moved to LA in the mid-seventies, thinking I’d missed it all…but the tracks of those who’d come before were still warm. And the town was still full of a generation of waitresses, maitre ‘Ds, studio guards and hotel clerks with long memories. Back in the day, these folks held their jobs a lifetime. Take Estella Collier. I searched for her for DISHING HOLLYWOOD, never dreaming I’d find her. She was Sharon Tate’s favorite waitress at El Coyote and with Sharon her last night on earth. Estella worked at El Coyote for 50 years! The people she saw: Loretta Young, Kim Novak, Prince Ranier. So when I ordered breakfast at Schwab’s Drugstore, or had cocktails in Hemmingway’s and Fitzgerald’s shadows at Musso & Frank’s, I started asking questions. And I got a lot of information. A verbal social history was passed down to me. Most of those people are gone now, but some of their stories live on.

Like once, around1977, I’m on my way to a movie with a friend and he points to a run-down hotel. “Janis Joplin died there,” he tells me. So I can’t stop looking at the place after that. Every time I drive by, I stare and wonder until one day, I pull over and go inside. They deny the fact at the front desk – the days before it was cool for a celebrity to die on your premises – but they let me wander around. A guy comes out of his apartment and asks who I’m looking for. Sheepishly, I mumble something about Janis and he says, “Oh, sure, I lived here then and I helped break down the door to her room. Come on, I’ll show you where it was.” I cannot believe my luck! He tells me the whole story. Today, I consider it my first interview.
My natural curiosity led me down this path. The more I heard, the more I learned who and what to believe…and where to look. I found “runners” for lawyers and studio execs, who delivered brown paper sacks full of cash to get celebrities out of big trouble. I learned that in most of Hollywood’s unsolved deaths, somebody was “influenced” not to solve it. I know some things I have no right to know. I have delved into some people’s lives so deeply I have felt them in the room with me. And, according to psychics and parapsychologists I worked with for HOLLYWOOD HAUNTED, someone HAS been in the room with us from time to time.

I have written three books and contributed to several others. I have written and produced television documentaries, series and specials. Sometimes my pockets are empty. Sometimes they’re full. It’s not about the money. I love this town. I’ve loved it since I discovered they have pink houses on my first visit as a little girl from St. Louis. I love its history and I love the people who made the history. It calls to me; it always has. I’ve collected some great stories. If you’re looking for a guest speaker, call me.

I’ve met some great people and continue to do so. Recently, I married my own little piece of Hollywood history. My husband, Jon Provost was Timmy on “Lassie”; yes, girls, I got Timmy. We live in the wine country of Northern California. Life is good. And now you’re here. Even better. Sign the guest book and let me know you stopped by.

I’ll let you know when I’m going to be in your area.